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Math Solver 1.2

Math Solver 1.2 is a software virtual scientific calculator
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Math Solver 1.2 is a software virtual scientific calculator that provides step by step solutions to mathematical problems and any mathematical expression.
Users are presented with an easy to use Windows style interface with separate evaluation and solution windows in which they can input their calculations with added information provided to them explaining the meaning of each of the constants that users highlight. Math Solver 1.2 features a total of 141 constants in 65 categories.

The calculator can be used for everyday scientific calculations with unlimited expression length. Math Solver 1.2 features multiple graph calculations, plot information and answer masking. Users can input their insertions and be provided with the evaluation, answer and solution, step by step. In the constant window, a search box is available and users can choose constant categories from a drop down menu. The functions window also features a choice of category with a function search box and users can choose from 186 functions including financial functions. The calculator also features a table and stats menu, with tabs for table, table stats, top points, maz points, bottom points, min points and zero points. A separate window shows graphs. General features include log mode and other preferences.

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